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Bicycle riders in Boise are highly prone to accidents, as a large share of their safety relies on how well drivers or motorists pay attention.

Distracted drivers behind the wheel of a car can result in serious injuries to cyclists. In terms of size and speed, the difference between a car and a bicycle means that even a small-scale collision can lead to grave injuries and even death. Not only do car and truck bicycle accidents leave victims with physical and mental trauma, but they can also be a substantial financial burden. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident due to another person’s carelessness, it’s important to book a free consultation with The Advocates’ bicycle accident attorneys. They will discuss your accident case and begin filing a claim to help secure financial compensation for injuries, trauma, and financial losses caused by someone else’s negligence.

What Are the Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents In Boise?

Bicycle accidents in Idaho’s capital city occur due to various reasons, such as weather conditions causing poor visibility or distracted driving. The lack of driver concern or awareness for cyclists can result in severe and often fatal accidents.

Negligence of motorists remains the primary cause of most bicycle accidents in Boise. Some common examples of driver negligence include:

  • Lack of attention when driving due to intoxication, drug or medication use, or cell phone distractions
  • Failure to yield “right of way” (precedence) to bicycles on crosswalks and intersections
  • Driving in the bike lane intentionally or by accident
  • Speeding near bike lanes
  • Making sudden or abrupt turns without signaling
  • Entering the road suddenly in front of a cyclist
  • Accidentally opening the car door into an oncoming cyclist

Motorists (cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other motorized vehicles) can be held liable for not following traffic laws that ensure the safety of other road users. This is especially true for residential areas and zones near schools or playgrounds, which are classified as “reduced-speed” zones.

Common Injuries Suffered by Bicycle Accident Victims

The extent of damages suffered in a bicycle accident influences the amount of time and money lost by the victim. And in the event of being involved in a car collision, cyclists are likely to suffer from serious injuries causing:

Many cyclists that are struck by vehicles end up with broken or fractured bones, either due to getting hit by a car or truck or the impact of hitting the ground. Everything from limbs, collarbones, the neck, and shoulders to the pelvis, face and even the skull are susceptible to broken bones and fractures. These injuries may require multiple surgeries and/or physical therapy to fix. Some injuries may even result in lifelong debilitation leaving victims with extensive medical bills and a potential disability.

Not only do broken bones cause physical pain, but they also take time to heal, and can result in the loss of wages. Even after complete recovery, accident victims may not be as physically strong as before, productivity at work may suffer, and victims may not be able to return to their normal lifestyle behaviors.

Head injuries like concussions, skull fractures, and internal hemorrhages can result from a vehicle hitting a cyclist or the cyclist’s head striking the ground, pavement, light post, or other nearby structures. These injuries can have long-lasting repercussions like seizures, insomnia, chronic headache, and memory loss.

Although some of these injuries are easily treated, many accident victims need extensive therapy or multiple surgeries. Recovery and rehabilitation can be expensive and often require time away from a job. This can result in lost wages, stress on family finances, and significant emotional and mental strain.

It is unlikely that victims of bicycle accidents with extensive injuries will be fully physically or mentally functional in a short amount of time.

Some accident victims end up with severe spinal cord injuries, which can leave them partially or completely paralyzed for the rest of their lives. Therapy and other medical procedures may slightly improve the quality of life. Still, these individuals may not be able to return to work again, especially in the case of jobs that require physical labor.

What Should You Do After Being Involved in A Bicycle Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of a motorist, you have the right to claim compensation from the motorist’s insurance company. This compensation can be claimed for financial (loss of wage, medical bills, etc.) and physical (physical pain, mental trauma, etc.) damages.

Settling a personal injury case isn’t as simple as it may sound. Remember that the insurance company will work for its best interest, which by default also extends to its client. This means that the insurer will try to put the blame on the victim to reduce the amount of compensation.

Insurance companies use many tactics to avoid paying compensation on behalf of their clients, no matter the situation. The insurance adjuster designated to verify your claim may try to minimize your injuries, imply that you have not been truthful, or they may point out anomalies in the police report (if you’ve filed it) to shift the blame on you. Another common tactic is to rush a settlement to avoid paying for the long-term effects of your injuries.

These tricks are successfully used by many insurance companies to deny a compensation claim and to avoid paying a victim what they deserve. Unless bicycle accident victims are aware of the legalities of an insurance claim, it is very difficult to get appropriate compensation.

It is essential to get in touch with a qualified and experienced Boise bicycle accident attorney who can take care of the legal case on your behalf. At The Advocates, we have a team of bicycle accident attorneys who fight insurance companies to get clients the settlement they deserve.

Our attorneys know cyclists’ legal rights and the laws related to personal injury cases like bicycle accidents. We work hard to protect the interest of our clients to help them receive the maximum compensation possible.

Boise Bicycle Accident Lawyers Working With personal Injury Cases Involving Bicycle accident and crashes doe to collisions with cars or trucks.

How Can You Strengthen Your Case?

There are a few things that victims can do that will help create a strong case.

First, make sure that you get immediate medical attention for your injuries. Not only will this help you physically, but it will also ensure that your injuries are recorded by a licensed medical professional. This way, the insurer will have fewer chances of denying your claim on the grounds of injuries not being related to your accident.

Second, report the event to the driver’s insurance company, with the help of an attorney, if necessary. Even if you have valid proof to justify your damage claims, the insurer may intentionally delay processing the compensation.

Third, book a free consultation with The Advocates’ personal injury attorneys to understand how to complete this process effectively.

If you can’t hire an attorney before filing the claim for any reason, then we recommend against speaking to the insurer until you have legal representation. Keep in mind that the insurance company will try to minimize the accident or even claim you are at fault, and you never know how your statements may be used to weaken your case.

You may unknowingly opt for reduced or no compensation because of how you answer questions or because of the information you do or don’t provide. It is always best to engage in verifications and negotiations once you have a qualified attorney or lawyer representing you.

What Else Will a Bicycle Accident Attorney Do?

Aside from helping you file a compensation claim with the driver’s insurance company, a bicycle attorney or lawyer will collect all the necessary evidence to justify your claims. This may include speaking to onlookers, assessing medical reports, filling in the “gaps” in biased police reports, gathering facts, etc.

Your attorney will calculate a fair compensation amount based on several factors. These include, but are not limited to, medical bills (including the cost of therapy sessions for recovery) and the loss of income or wage due to the injuries. The latter will include the short-term and long-term impact on your earning capacity.

It can be tricky to assign a fixed amount for mental damages, like physical pain or mental trauma. Since an experienced bicycle accident attorney deals with these cases regularly, you can trust them to determine the amount of compensation that can be rewarded for the case.

Another thing to note here is that the compensation claim in a lawsuit is determined based on the “fault percentage” of the motorist.

Suppose a cyclist loses $100,000 due to economic and physical damages from the accident, but he is 50% at fault for the accident. In this case, he can only claim the amount equivalent to the driver’s fault share (50%), i.e., $50,000.

Many cyclists think they are only entitled to compensation if they are injured due to the direct impact of a car hitting them. However, they may also seek compensation if the vehicle causes them to crash or hit any structure in the vicinity. For example, if you lose balance and get injured due to a vehicle speeding or coming too close to you, then you should contact us to file a compensation claim.

Most states in the US allow cyclists to ride on sidewalks, and if you have been hit by a vehicle while riding on the sidewalk, it means there is negligence on the driver’s end.

There are critical rules and guidelines in this case, which can be confusing to comprehend. Victims of a cycling accident should contact a Boise bicycle accident attorney who is well-versed in all the legalities to help them get justified compensation.

Contact The Advocates today for a free consultation to discuss your bicycle accident claim and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.