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Injuries from slips and falls happen more often than people realize.

These types of accidents account for over 8 million emergency room visits each year. They are also the most common type of work-related injury. Most slip-and-fall accidents result in minor injuries, like scrapes and bruises. However, these accidents can lead to severe head injuries. You can face significant financial struggles and may need long-term treatment or therapies.

A personal injury lawyer from The Advocates can help you navigate a personal injury claim if someone is at fault for your injuries. Our talented and experienced attorneys understand how slip and fall injuries can affect your life. We will help you reach a fair settlement for your losses.

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Hand broken by accident and get treatment.

Establishing Liability

For most personal injury cases, liability is determined by proving negligence. This means a person or entity failed to do what is right or intentionally did something wrong, and their actions led to your injury. Claims are more likely to be accepted by insurance companies when liability is clearly due to their client’s negligence.

A good slip-and-fall attorney will ensure you have all the evidence you need to win your case. The Advocates will investigate the details of your fall and evaluate the merits of your claim. We offer advice throughout the course of your case and can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company.

Our team is ready to help you with your personal injury claim.