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Because so much of their safety depends on how well automobiles or drivers pay attention, bicycle riders in Idaho Falls are particularly vulnerable to accidents.

Severe injuries to cyclists can occur as a result of distracted driving. Given the size and speed differences between a car and a bicycle, even a little collision can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Accidents involving automobiles and bicycles can cause significant financial hardship and physical and mental stress for the victims.

If you have been injured while riding a bicycle, The Advocates’ bicycle accident lawyers can help. We will file a claim and help you get financial compensation for your injuries, trauma, and monetary losses caused by someone else’s negligence.

What Are the Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Idaho Falls?

In Idaho Falls, there are many causes of bicycle accidents, such as bad weather, poorly maintained roads, or distracted driving. Regardless of the reason, these accidents are often serious and sometimes fatal.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Idaho Falls for personal injuries resulting from bike crashes and collisions with auto vehicles.

Carelessness on the part of drivers continues to be the leading factor in most bicycle incidents in and around Idaho Falls. Typical instances of driving negligence include:

  • Diving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication
  • cell phone distractions
  • Failure to yield “right of way” (precedence) to bicycles on crosswalks and intersections
  • Driving in the bike lane intentionally or by accident
  • Speeding near bike lanes
  • Making sudden or abrupt turns without signaling
  • Entering the road suddenly in front of a cyclist
  • Accidentally opening the car door into an oncoming cyclist

Drivers are responsible for obeying traffic regulations that protect the safety of other road users. Residential areas, as well as places close to playgrounds or schools, are considered “reduced-speed” zones. These areas are common places for pedestrian accidents.

Common Injuries Suffered by Bicycle Accident Victims

Bikers are likely to sustain major injuries when struck by an automobile. The financial impact a victim experiences depends on the severity of the damages sustained in the bicycle accident. Common injuries from bicycle accidents include:

Many cyclists injured by cars or trucks suffer broken or fractured bones due to being hit by the vehicle or the force of hitting the ground. Broken bones and fractures are possible in any part of the body, including the limbs, collarbones, neck, shoulders, pelvis, face, and skull. These injuries can be debilitating and will likely require physical therapy, or even surgery may be necessary to repair more complex fractures. Some injuries could have life-long effects, leaving the individual with high medical costs and a disability.

Broken bones are painful and take time to recover, which often means lost pay. Even after complete recovery, accident victims might not be as physically fit as they once were. As a result, their work productivity might decline, and they might not be able to resume their regular daily routines.

Concussions, skull fractures, and internal hemorrhages can happen to a cyclist’s head when it collides with the ground, pavement, a light post, or other structures. Long-term effects from these injuries can include memory loss, seizures, sleeplessness, chronic headaches, and insomnia.

While some of these wounds are simple to treat, some bicycle accident victims require prolonged rehabilitation or multiple surgeries. Recovery and rehabilitation are frequently time-consuming and expensive. This may lead to lost pay, financial burden, and severe emotional and mental exhaustion.

It is unlikely that bicycle accident victims with severe injuries will recover quickly. They may have difficulty with both physical tasks and cognitive deficits due to a head injury.

Some accident victims experience severe spinal cord injuries that can leave them permanently paralyzed, either partially or entirely. Therapy and other medical interventions may enhance their quality of life. However, many people with severe spinal cord injuries cannot return to their previous employment, particularly if their job includes physically demanding tasks.

What Should You Do After Being Involved in A Bicycle Accident?

You are entitled to reimbursement if you were injured in a bicycle accident as a result of a driver’s carelessness. Financial (loss of wages, medical expenses, etc.) and bodily (physical pain, mental anguish, etc.) damages are both eligible for this compensation.

It’s more challenging than it may seem to settle a personal injury case. Keep in mind that the insurance company will act in its own best interest, which by extension, includes the interests of its client. To lower the amount of compensation, the insurance will attempt to place the blame on the victim.

No matter the circumstance, insurance firms employ various strategies to avoid paying a settlement. The insurance adjuster in charge of examining your claim may attempt to downplay the severity of your injuries, indicate that you have not been truthful, or point out inconsistencies in the police report (if you have filed one) in an effort to place the blame on you. Rushing a settlement is another typical strategy used to avoid paying for the long-term consequences of your injuries.

Many insurance companies employ these ruses to deny compensation claims and avoid giving victims what they are due. It is exceedingly challenging for victims of bicycle accidents to obtain fair compensation unless they are aware of all the legal requirements of an insurance claim.

It’s crucial to contact a knowledgeable and skilled Idaho Falls bicycle accident lawyer who can handle the claim on your behalf. Bicycle accident lawyers from The Advocates are used to battling with insurance companies to get clients the payout they are due.

Our lawyers are familiar with the laws governing personal injury situations like bicycle accidents, as well as the legal rights of cyclists. To ensure that our clients receive as much compensation as possible, we put every effort into safeguarding their interests.

Personal Injuries Resulting From Bicycle Accidents

How Can You Strengthen Your Case?

Victims of bicycle accidents can take certain measures to strengthen their case.

First, seek medical care for any injuries. This will not only benefit you physically but also guarantee that a qualified medical practitioner will document your injuries. By doing this, the insurer will be less likely to reject your claim on the grounds that your injuries were unrelated to the accident.

Then, if necessary, report the incident to the driver’s insurance provider (preferably with the assistance of a lawyer). Even if you have sufficient evidence to support your damage claims, the insurer may purposefully delay paying you. A lawyer can assist in seeking payment from the driver’s insurer.

Third, schedule a free appointment with a personal injury lawyer from The Advocates to successfully file a claim.

We advise waiting to contact the insurer or submitting a claim until you have legal counsel. Remember that the insurance company will attempt to downplay a collision or even allege that you were to blame. You never know how your words might be used to undermine your case.

The way you respond to questions or the information you offer or withhold may negatively impact your claim. Any conversations and discussions with the insurance company should happen after you have a lawyer advocating for you. With an attorney to guide you, you won’t make any missteps.

What Else Will a Bicycle Accident Attorney Do?

A bicycle attorney or lawyer will assist you in submitting a compensation claim with the driver’s insurance provider and gather all the documentation required to support your claims. This could entail interviewing witnesses, evaluating medical records, completing the “gaps” in skewed police reports, acquiring additional information, etc.

Based on a number of variables, your attorney will determine a suitable compensation sum. These include medical expenses (including the price of medications, treatments, imaging, etc.), lost wages or income resulting from the injuries, and any property damage.

Putting a dollar figure on mental injuries, such as emotional suffering or psychological trauma, can be challenging. You may need to rely on a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer to assess the potential compensation.  They handle these cases frequently and understand the nuances of emotional pain and suffering.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the “fault proportion” of the driver is used to calculate the compensation in a personal injury claim.

Let’s say a biker sustains $100,000 in losses due to an accident, yet he bears 40% of the blame. In this instance, he is limited to recovering the sum equal to the driver’s 60% share of fault, or $60,000. Should a cyclist be 50% or more at fault, they will not be able to seek compensation for any losses.

Many cyclists believe that their only claim for compensation is for injuries sustained as a direct result of an automobile hitting them. However, if a car causes them to crash or hit a nearby structure, they may also pursue compensation. For instance, if you lose your balance and suffer injuries due to a car rushing past you or getting too near, you have a valid foundation for a personal injury claim.

Bicyclists are permitted to use sidewalks in the majority of US states. If you were hit by a car while using a sidewalk, the motorist was definitely at fault for the accident.

However, specific rules should be taken into account when a vehicle drives on a sidewalk. To make sure they receive proper compensation, bicycle accident victims should speak with an attorney familiar with the relevant laws.

For a free consultation to discuss your bicycle accident claim, contact The Advocates.

For a free consultation to discuss your bicycle accident claim, contact The Advocates.