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What the Advocates Motorcycle Crash Attorneys Do

Numerous Idaho Falls residents ride motorcycles to and from work and for weekend getaways. But each year, more cars are on the road due to the increase of new residents. More vehicles mean greater opportunities for motorcycle accidents — many of which end in serious injuries or even fatalities. The Advocates have a team of skilled attorneys who can handle all the details of your motorcycle accident personal injury claim.

When you hire us, we’ll assign you a lawyer who will aggressively pursue compensation for damages like medical costs, property damage, lost pay, rental car fees, and pain and suffering. Our goal as lawyers is to investigate the details of your motorbike accident and gather statements from witnesses so we can build a compelling case outlining the negligent party’s financial responsibility for your losses.

Motorcycle Personal Injuries

No two motorcycle crashes are the same. And often, they are complex. No matter how many vehicles or parties are involved in your accident or how complicated it may seem, we can help. Here are a few reasons clients choose to work with The Advocates.

We work strictly on a contingency fee basis. This means our being paid is contingent on winning your case or claim. Hiring a personal injury attorney from The Advocates is risk-free — even your initial consultation comes at no charge. After successfully negotiating a claim, we will ask for a nominal fee from the settlement funds.

The settlement amounts for personal injury cases tend to be much higher when a lawyer is involved. This is because attorneys know the law, have handled various cases, and know how insurance companies function. Your attorney will have more time to dedicate to your claim, and their knowledge and expertise will help them argue for higher claim amounts.

The Advocates can file a personal injury claim and litigate your case in court. This is because every member of our team is an attorney. The ability to litigate, or take a case to court, is exclusive to lawyers who are also attorneys.

Insurance companies are rarely willing to pay what a claim is worth and often hunt for ways to lower the settlement amount. The rules and language they use can be confusing; they often shift blame to the victim and use scare tactics to get people to settle quickly and for minimal payouts. Navigating insurance companies is stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating. Taking care of negotiating with insurers is one of the many ways The Advocates can help.

Once you retain our services, a motorcycle accident lawyer will speak to the insurance company on your behalf as they work toward an optimal outcome. We work directly with insurance adjusters, so you don’t have to.

Recovering from a motorcycle accident can be traumatic. Being weighed down by expensive medical bills is the last thing you need right now. Nonetheless, some people involved in motorcycle accidents choose not to seek medical attention because they worry about the associated costs. The Advocates’ motorcycle accident lawyers advocate for their clients and negotiate with insurers to make sure victims’ medical bills are covered.

The number of casualties and the scope of property damage from one accident to the next can vary widely. The Advocates are familiar with all aspects of the law pertaining to motorcycle accidents. Our lawyers are willing and able to help you regardless of the circumstances.

We get that a motorcycle crash is a serious situation. This is why when you call, we answer. We will schedule your initial consultation quickly so we can take the necessary action to recover your losses. As soon as we have completed your consultation, we begin building your case by collecting information from witnesses and other parties involved in the accident. We put in the time and effort necessary to file a comprehensive claim quickly with the insurance company.

Our attorneys work tirelessly so you can recover. For the duration of your claim process, we promise to keep the lines of communication open so that you can reach us whenever you need to. We’ll deal with the insurance company’s questions and demands as we settle your claim, saving you time, energy, and stress.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Numerous factors contribute to motorcycle accidents, and all should be investigated thoroughly. Here are a few of the types of cases we deal with:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving (texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, etc.)
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving into the path of an oncoming motorcycle
  • Road rage and racing
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Accidents when entering the highway or a major roadway
  • Crashes at intersections or when switching lanes
  • Failure to yield to a motorcyclist
Idaho Falls Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Working With Victims of Personal Injuries

Injuries People Experience After a Motorcycle Crash

In most cases, being involved in a motorcycle accident will leave the victim with bodily injuries and mental trauma. Not to mention the property damage one might encounter if the motorcycle is wrecked in the collision.

With or without protective gear (like helmets and gloves), the potential for severe injuries is high in a crash. Here are some of the common injuries motorcycle riders are likely to experience:

  • Contusions
  • Spinal cord and back injuries
  • Severed limbs
  • Quadriplegia
  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Paraplegia
  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Internal organ injury
  • Disfigurement

What Separates Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers from Other Idaho Falls Law Firms?

Your immediate medical attention following a motorcycle accident is your top priority. But you may soon realize the extent and severity of your losses. You may see how your damages might affect your ability to earn a living or maintain your current standard of living. This can be terrifying. You need someone to help you recover all you have lost due to your accident. But insurance companies can be very problematic.

Most insurance providers will minimize their client’s responsibility and deny as much liability as possible. You may be perplexed by this and have questions like:

  • Is it possible to prove that the other person was at fault even after your claim was rejected?
  • Can you be compensated for your damaged motorcycle?
  • What are your available legal options?
  • If you are injured and unable to work, what will happen to your source of income?
  • Who will pay your medical bills, and how?
  • How will you find temporary transportation?

Our motorcycle accident attorneys put themselves in your shoes. We all sympathize with the frustration, anger, and disappointment you are likely to feel. And we’re familiar with the tricks insurers use to lower payouts.

We at The Advocates will not stand for our clients being bullied by insurance companies. We’re willing to go to bat for our clients with insurers to get our clients what they’re owed. We will even take your claim before a judge if necessary; this is something many firms can’t promise because their team isn’t made up of attorneys.

Lawyers who aren’t also attorneys can’t litigate your claim. Everyone at the advocates is an attorney.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Claim Take to Resolve?

When you contact The Advocates, our lawyers will give your case top priority. As we manage your personal injury claim involving a motorcycle, we will:

  • Work to negotiate a fair deal
  • Offer legal assistance and file a legitimate claim
  • Prove liability through proper evidence and facts
  • File a lawsuit and take the case to court if necessary
  • Compile all medical records
  • Track all bills related to your case

Typically more serious than car or truck accidents, motorcycle accident claims can take months or even years to resolve. We always advise our clients to take their time recovering in order to prevent further issues. Receiving compensation for additional costs is challenging if you rush back from an injury and need more treatment because you disregarded medical advice.

A case may be resolved in 5-8 months when our attorneys have established liability and your injuries are not severe. In the worst-case scenarios, we will be forced to go to trial, which could take years to conclude. It’s crucial to remember that litigation takes time because the discovery phase can last 6–12 months — then court proceedings can begin.

What is the Average Settlement Amount You Can Expect?

Personal Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents in Idaho Falls Can Work With Layers From The Idaho Advocates to Receive Compensation for their injuries.

Unfortunately, until all the facts have been considered, it is impossible to estimate the value of a motorcycle accident claim. Everything is dependent on the carelessness and negligence of the responsible party. We’ll do everything we can to get you as much as possible. Your compensation amount depends on the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Severity of injury
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

To schedule a free consultation, call The Advocates. Our Idaho Falls motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to help get you back on the road.