Meet Lisamarie Batteiger

Lisamarie Batteiger

California born and Wyoming raised, Lisamarie has moved several times over the years before she and her family finally settled in Idaho in 2016.

Lisamarie has always had a passion for helping people and lives by the motto “see a need, meet a need” and this job allows her to do just that.   As the Senior Litigation Paralegal, her job is to guide clients through the transition from pre-litigation to litigation with as much ease as possible, ensuring that they understand the process and providing a place to ask and get answers to their questions.  Lisamarie works closely with clients throughout the life of their litigation case and accompanies the team to trial to continue her support of the client through a potentially stressful time.

When she isn’t working, Lisamarie enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys doing a variety of outdoor activities, family movie nights and traveling.

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