Why do you need an Advocate?

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Why Do You Need an Advocate?

The Advocates is a team of personal injury attorneys passionate about the people we serve. Protecting your best interests is what drives us. We care about your needs. You’re more than a case to us; you’re a person, you have a family, you have a job — and it can all change in the blink of an eye. If this should ever happen to you, we exist to make things right.

Are Advocates Attorneys or Lawyers?

At the Advocates, we are all attorneys. It’s important to note that an attorney differs from a lawyer — all attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are attorneys. This difference is critical should your case ever see the courtroom. While most cases are settled outside of court, a handful of claims reach the point of litigation or go to trial. A lawyer who is not an attorney cannot litigate on your behalf. This is one of many reasons hiring an Advocate is in your best interest.

In situations where injuries are severe, medical bills and loss of work can be crippling. The advice and expertise of an Advocate increase the likelihood that the responsible party will cover your expenses.


Will a Personal Injury Attorney Guarantee I Win?

While winning a personal injury case cannot be guaranteed, the benefit of hiring a skilled attorney is significant — especially in the case of major injuries, emotional trauma, or wrongful death.

Civil injury claims differ from criminal justice cases in that no one is guaranteed representation in the case of personal injury. Because of this, many people look to navigate their personal injury cases on their own. Data would show this is ill-advised. There are many nuances to personal injury law, and legal experience will work in your favor.

  • According to the Insurance Research Council, cases involving personal injury attorneys average 3.5 times higher settlements.
  • A survey conducted by Stanford Law School found that personal injury plaintiffs that hired a lawyer were more likely to reach a settlement than plaintiffs who did not.

No attorney can guarantee they will win your case, but the Advocates do promise to do everything in our power to hold accountable those responsible for your personal injury claim.

What Types of Cases Does an Advocate Handle?

A personal injury attorney represents individuals who have sustained injuries caused by another person or entity (company). When an accident results in harm that is the cause of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek damages (financial compensation) for your injuries and any related financial burdens (loss of work, medical bills, pain, suffering, etc.).

Common personal injury claims include:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Workplace accidents (against third parties)
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home falls

Often, these claims are complex. It is not uncommon for a personal injury attorney to successfully file claims the plaintiff wasn’t aware of. For example, it is possible to file a claim of sexual assault against both the offender and a third party who employs or leases to the offender because it is their duty to keep the site they are responsible for safe from any probable danger.

If a business fails to do a background check on an employee with a violent criminal record and a patron is assaulted by that employee, the company is liable for a portion of the damages.

Many businesses, including schools, hospitals, nightclubs, nursing homes, and shopping centers, have been deemed responsible for damages resulting from sexual assault.

The bottom line is this — if you have been injured and someone else is responsible, we can help.

What if I Can’t Afford a Personal Injury Attorney?


The cost of a personal injury attorney is a concern for every plaintiff. This is understandable because most people dealing with a significant personal injury case are experiencing financial burdens. Loss of work, medical bills, and the stress of damages take their toll.

While courts are intended to provide a level playing field for everyone, they don’t appoint legal representation to plaintiffs who can’t afford council. Because of this, we take cases on a contingency fee basis.

A contingency fee means there is zero upfront payment to hire an attorney. You may need to pay for court costs, filing fees, or expert witness compensation, but you only pay attorneys’ fees if we win your settlement or successfully litigate your case. Our attorney fees are paid out of the money awarded to you.

In some situations, the court will require a defendant to pay a plaintiff’s attorney fees. Because of this, we take cases based on validity, not your ability to pay.

Can I Avoid Going to Trial?

Very few people want to go to trial. The stress and time required of a plaintiff can be very taxing. Fortunately, very few personal injury lawsuits go to court. According to The National Center for State Courts, more than 60 percent of civil cases result in a settlement before trial, 14 percent result in a default judgment, and 10 percent are dismissed because the plaintiff did not pursue the case to conclusion. The remaining 16 percent of cases result in some form of litigation.

The likelihood of a case going to trial is relatively low; however, an attorney will usually not share this information with the defense. As your advocate, we will negotiate a fair settlement while reducing the stress of handling a case on your own. Unless you have an attorney representing you, it is your responsibility to ensure proof burdens are met, all rules are followed, and the total impact of damages is calculated accurately. You also must ensure that all these factors are addressed per the laws of a specific jurisdiction.

With a personal injury attorney from The Advocates, we do everything we can to ensure you have a successful personal injury claim.